Saturday, January 2, 2016

Welcome to Art Journal Cafe!

I’m certain there is no one reading here yet but it is January 1st of the New Year and it feels like the perfect time to start up this new blog. I have such great hopes for this space and so much I want to share here.


I know there are a bazillion art journal blogs, classes, videos, books, teachers, etc. out there and I have seen, watched, learned from and bought what seems like 90% of all of them. I am currently a member of Teesha & Tracy Moore’s Artstronauts Club and I am taking Life Book 2016 from Willowing (Tamara LaPorte) as well as a couple of other classes of hers.

I am on a quest to be constantly working to broaden my knowledge base and learn new techniques because, after a number of years of making art, I feel like Art Journaling is MY art calling and I want to be the best I can be.


Because of this deep love I have for Art Journaling, I want to share my love and passion for it with everyone that has an interest and wants to learn. I want to grow and help others grow, too.


I am NOT an expert and don’t claim to be. I am not formally trained in art (I just IMG_0073love it.) I believe that art is subjective so what you find beautiful may not align with my ideas of artful beauty and that is perfectly alright. This is a place to share and learn and find some beauty in every day life.

The pages I’m sharing here are all blasts from the past that I just thought I’d throw in so you can see some of my previous Art Journaling…somewhat of my style.

I so hope you’ll join me…and share my blog with anyone you think that might like to dip into the Art Journaling life.

Peace & Love,

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